Padshop is a Granular Synthesizer.

Each layer consists of two LFOs that offer a choice of six wave shapes, two ADSR envelopes that can be applied to various sound parameters and one oscillator for generating up to eight grain streams with different parameters.[1]

Padshop was released in 2012.[2]

Features Edit

  • 2 independent layers with individual oscillator, edit and effect sections.
  • Up to 8 grains per oscillator
  • 400 presets
  • 12 filter types
  • Step modulator for triggering oscilators, filters, amplification and panning
  • 2 LFOs for filters and amp envelopes
  • Mono & Poly mode with Legato and Glide[3]

Padshop Pro Edit

Padshop pro is an enhanced version of Padshop and adds more features.

  • Drag and drop Sample import
  • 3-band parametric EQ
  • Algorithmic reverb
  • 50 more presets[4]

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