Basic Guidelines Edit

  • You can add any information you have about any topic you think it would fit the wiki.
  • If you think some page is bad, don't remove it, or the content on it - improve it!
  • Try to avoid marketing-mumbo-jumbo words when writing articles.
  • Adding images to articles is always appreciated.
  • Do not troll, spam or delete pages for fun.

That's it, welcome aboard. :)

Editing help Edit

  • If the page appears short add {{stub}} tag to the top of the page, or search for more information on the topic from the internet.
  • When adding information to the wiki, be sure to add references to the pages, images or videos you found the information on, so the facts can be checked by others easily.
  • If you run into a problem with formatting or anything else, just ask. User:DjRapitops for example.

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